Heinrich - Abraham Leppke/Susanna Wiens Line

Background History
4 Johann Leppke (Loeppky, Looppke), c 1790.
Johann was born before the Napoleonic Wars of 1812. When Napoleon amassed his armies in Poland, Austria, and Prussia, Johann and other Mennonite young men were probably inducted involuntarily into these armies.

In a battle near Moscow, Johann Leppke was left on the battlefield for dead, but regained consciousness and observed the army had left him and others behind. They decided to join a Mennonite colony in South Russia instead of going back home to West Prussia.

Johann Leppke came to the Chortitza colony, Ukraine with no record of his previous ancestors. His wife was probably born in Holland and had migrated to West Prussia with her parents and had been forced into service by Napoleon's army as a cook for his soldiers. The residents of the Molotschna and Chortitza colonies in the Danzig area of Ukraine included the Plautdietsch-speaking Mennonite families of Braun, Buller, Claassen, Derksen, Dick, Driedger, Geisbrecht, Grunau, Janzen, Koehn, Koop, Kroeker, Leppke, Neufeld, Nickel, Nikkel, Reimer, Siemens, Stobbe, Warkentin, and Wiens.

Johann married Sara Pauls about 1826 and lived in the village of Nieder Chortitz. He died in early 1827 before his son Heinrich was born.

41 Heinrich Johann Leppke, b 29 Jul 1827 in Nieder Chortitz colony, Ukraine d 31 Jul 1900, bur Hillsboro, KS. He lived with his mother in poverty and had little opportunity for an education. Heinrich married Justina (Christina) Derksen, 2 Nov 1852, d 12 Feb 1908

6 Isaac Derksen, c 1800, m Justina (Katherina) Reimer
61 Justina (Christina) Derksen, b 16 Nov 1828 in Einlage, Chortotza, Ukraine, South Russia, m 41 Heinrich Leppke 2 Nov 1852
7 Daniel Wiens, b 1806 W Prussia, m Maria Braun, d 1871
71 Peter D. Wiens, b 16 Nov 1830, d 1898, m Elizabeth Warkentin b 1837, d 1908

Many thanks to the Leppke-Wiens family for this background information.
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